What is Rubber-Based Paint?

Rubber-based paint for your pool, hot tub, and deck.

Created primarily to provide protection to outdoor locations that are exposed to water, such as the area around the pool, hot tub, deck, or open pathways leading to the house or garage, rubber-based paints used to be available in only two colors –black and white. Over time, however, a few colors began to pop up and today, they come in a myriad of color options, just like any other type of paint. Still, most of them come in flat, low-gloss, or satin finishes.

Rubber-based paints are typically oil-based containing certain special solvents necessary to work with their rubber content. The rubber comes in liquefied form, and it is this that is its distinguishing characteristic. It is also this that makes them waterproof, tough, and durable. Indeed, they are not unduly affected by exposure to oil, salt water, acids, and chemicals. Further, they resist damage due to exposure to ultraviolet rays, allowing them to maintain their colors.

They are also resistant to molds, mildew, algae, and fungus making them an excellent coating on the floor or other structures around pools and hot tubs which can be susceptible to the growth of these microorganisms because of the continuous presence of water.

The paint adheres to most surfaces commonly used outdoors. It bonds with concrete, wood, bricks, and metal. When applied to masonry, you do not even have to prime the surface. However, if you are working with new concrete, it is best to treat it with a 10% solution of muriatic acid before painting. In the case of bricks, a sealant of clear varnish will improve the paint’s adhesion.

Generally, rubber-based paints are more expensive than their regular cousins, but if you want superior protection for your house exterior, they may well be worth the investment.